“We’ve been dynamically pricing for years…
Statically, but dynamically”?

Believe it or not, this is a direct quote from a recent conversation I had.

Dynamic pricing has become a great “buzz phrase” for many companies trying to sell their services to golf courses. Unfortunately, most of them are not selling a dynamic pricing system. What they are selling is tiered pricing or utilization based pricing… Not true dynamic pricing. True dynamic pricing is based on much more than just utilization and contrary to what some might tell you, it takes much more than just an algorithm to make it work. You want an algorithm, we got algorithms, but we offer much more. Ask the others how pricing affects the consumer or how to best explain your new system to your staff. Ask them if they will provide an in-depth market analysis or find you outing leads. What you will get in return is some canned answer that has no place in the real world of the industry. We are operators at heart and have over 20 years of experience running golf courses. In addition, we’ve been utilizing dynamic pricing for over 2 years and understand the challenges. We are much more than number crunchers, we are partners and we offer much more than “monthly pricing recommendations” like some of our competitors.

We have a dedicated team of professionals working for you, on a daily basis, pricing your golf and analyzing, not only your data but your competitors.

When you have a team focused on selling your golf, not just waiting for golf to sell the sky is the limit, but don’t take it from me, here is what one of our clients has to say…

“DRS has been working with us since November 1, 2013 and we are very pleased with their results in such a short time. We have seen a dramatic increase in online bookings, especially through our website. Gross revenues are up compared to the same period last year. The staff is highly professional and seem to work around the clock. As a GM, I rest much easier knowing our tee sheet is being managed every hour of every day. DRS quickly gained a thorough knowledge of our marketplace – they even find tournament leads for us as part of their research. And they are fully integrated into our marketing team as regular participants in our weekly marketing conferences. For a forward looking golf property, DRS offers a compelling step into the future of green fee pricing”.
- Flint A. Nelson, General Manager
Champions Club at The Retreat

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